Advice on cleaning Clear Resin V4 residue off of surface?

Hello, our lab has a Form 3 printer set on a lab table, and it has gotten very sticky. I believe it is from the dripping of IPA for cleaning the finished models (we don’t have a formwash, but we have the cleaning kit) and the dissolved resin seems to stick on the table and is not cleanable.

I have tried using IPA to clean up and try to dissolve the resin, but it just gets sticky again. I have also tried using soap+water and ethanol, but that hasn’t worked either. Every time I go to wipe down the surface, it is just as sticky as before, and nothing has worked.

Does anyone have a recommendation as to how to effectively clean the surface? At the moment, it seems irreversibly sticky.

I usually use IPA for general cleanup of my S/S bench but any areas where the resin has become semi-hardened and sticky I have found Butoxyethanol (Butyl Cellosolve) usually softens and dissolves it. DPM or TPM might work similarly but I’ve not done a comparison. You could also try acetone but you probably need to be a bit more careful with that around plastics and varnished/lacquered surfaces as well as sources of ignition.

I hope this helps… good luck in getting out of your sticky situation!