Add toggle to display edges in Preform

Please add a toggle to display the edges of the shaded model in black to make editing supports easier. Most 3D CAD software allows this, and to a degree the STL file viewer I use does too. Here are some examples from my STL viewer.

The first image displays the model parallel to the screen and it looks like the only details are the depressions designed to conserve material.

The next image shows that there is a lot more going on with this model once the edges are highlighted.

The last two images show the same model in isometric with edges off and on.


100% agree with this. Especially when the software decides to automatically change the models material to closely resemble the resin. I was working on supports for a tough resin piece and had to constantly rotate the model to find the edges using the renders light source.

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Thanks for the suggestion - I’ve forwarded this to our software team.

Is this software operating on STLs or is this in a CAD format? The main challenge with this might be identifying which edges to highlight on an STL. A full wireframe might highlight the edges on flat faces, and a more selective algorithm that identifies the outline edges on recessed faces could be a bit of a challenge.

I’m using the free STL viewer from this company. If anyone knows of a better STL viewer, I’m all ears.

I have screen shots of the model in its native Inventor format showing edges highlighted and edges turned off if you want to see them. I didn’t post them with my reply as it would muddy the discussion. I model with edges on. Inventor is so similar to Solidworks that it’s somewhat comical. If Formlabs is using Fusion 360 (aka originally Inventor Fusion), the same edge display should be able to be toggled.

Netfabb does the same thing, they have an option to toggle edges, not triangles.

But Netfabb can do a lot more than just display an STL. It can also fix meshes, cut meshes, modify them, etc.


I’ll check out Netfabb. Thanks. The STL viewer I use has a paid option that includes an editor… For now a viewer is all I need.

Well I’ll be…Netfabb is an Autodesk product. I’ll still look it over.