"Show only selected" mode in main view (or slicer view in edit selected supports)

I am laying out a 20 part print and while inspecting its individual slices, it is getting pretty hard to view a specific STL part. If there was a “show only currently selected” mode/check-box that we could enable and disable (with a keyboard short cut too!) that would allow rapid viewing isolation of a single part while still displaying the slice (for just that part). This would help avoid a lot of interactive camera jockeying to get the view I need to see if things are working ok.

An alternative solution (related to a separate wish) would be to simply support slice view in ‘edit selected supports’ mode. This would combine the best of both worlds and avoid the mode switch in/out of edit selected.

It sounds like you would enjoy 3D mouse support! It’s a camera control for your left hand.

I second the original OPs request.

I would also really like improved viewing capabilities in PreForm during the edit support mode.