Suggestions for preform upgrades

A dump of my notes on preform upgrades:
• Allow user to set default preferences for support settings and maintain those settings until they are changed.
• Auto open/close menus with mouse hover instead of clicking each menu button
• Support review - generate a table/report to inform the user if ‘questionable’ locations exist (as opposed to relying on manual visual review of the model)
• Slice feature - allow user to input a layer number and jump to that layer
• Enable 3D mouse support for navigation
• Maintain tray orientation notes (hinge side, front, back, etc.) all the time
• Allow user to identify dimension/feature critical locations of parts and modify the auto support generation algorithm to position/orient part and apply supports to minimize impact to critical features/dimensions
• Add feature to allow user to remove the base (place flat portion of part directly on plate) but still add supports to other parts of the model


They also need to add information on how to access the “slice” feature. I couldn’t find it in the help system or forums, and it wasn’t in the menus. I had never seen the tab with the number on the right-hand side of the window.

Please add something both in the app AND online documentation that helps new users realize that this feature exists…the only way I knew was that I saw it mentioned in a forum, but still couldn’t find it!

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