Accidentally left cover on resin tank during a print

I accidentally left the cover on the resin tank while starting a print. It made bad jamming sound. I’m doing a test print to see if there was any damage done. I was wondering if anyone knows if the Form 1 has any protection against this issue. Perhaps there is a mechanism or function when the machine senses a potential obstacle when the platform is descending?

Sorry, there is nothing that I am aware of that senses an obstruction. I think FL relies on users checking before we hit the start button. I usually find myself triple checking and watching the plunge. Then I walk away.

Yes, I usually do too, but I found myself multitasking today. I hope I didn’t cause any damage. Thanks for your help.

case in point for the perils of multi-tasking. There is always some dangling issue that falls through the cracks if attention is not on one task at a time.

excellent line! I will try to remember this :smile:

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