Access leveling feature on form2 without a prompt?

It would be nice to be able to have user access the electronic level bubble on the Form2 via the touchscreen without an out of level prompt.


Thanks for the idea, @Erik_Sandvik. So that it helps us better understand and consider designing this type of feature, could you describe a scenario where you’d want to access the electronic level bubble when the printer is not out-of-level?


There seems to some amount of drift in the leveling electronics? Starting off cold and leveled it can go to unleveled even without touching the machine as the print progresses. It would be nice to see before leaving the printer while printing for an extended period if it was drifting out of level which would prompt an error.

There is a certain amount of tolerance in the electronic bubble where the printer registers level but the electronic bubble is not dead on in the middle of the bullseye. It would be nice to see if it’s drifting away from this center over time.



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