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A Neuron from the EyeWire project

In collaboration with @Meghan_Coakley at NIH 3D Print and the EyeWire lab, I’ve 3D printed a neuron! I download the model from the NIH database, cleaned it, extruded it in meshmixer, and then used the draw tool to expand the width of the dendrites. This particular neuron (named the IFLS Neuron) is a ganglion cell, which brings visual information from the retina to the brain. Its shape was revealed by gamers playing EyeWire, which uses crowdsourcing to create 3D models from serial electron microscope images. If you want to try printing this cell, my version of the model is available at the NIH 3D print database.


Wow! That is truly fantastic. I’ve taken a look at some of the EyeWire models before, and honestly, I wasn’t sure if we could pull them off. It’s great to see that we can!


Whoa epic de-supporting.

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Hi by coincidence I have been taking the same approach to building tapered supports in mesh mixer, and then printing the neuron on makerbot. I have not had much success yet, so it would be good to try your file.

I am interested in how you cut away your raft and scaffolds without damaging the neuron structure?