Internal Features / If I Only Had a Brain

So first I printed the skull which I apologize I can’t find where I downloaded from. I think it was a SolidWorks file from GrabCAD but when I search now I can’t find it. But anyway Kevin Holmes showed me how to shell with Geomagic Studio and so I shelled the skull and it printed really well. But then I got thinkin, and you know what you think with… So I downloaded the Living Brain by Neurohack located here:

I placed them both in Geomagic and saved it as a single STL file and wahlah.

Part of the brain’s base didn’t print so I’ll probly try tweeking the location some more.

I can’t get a decent picture of my prints to begin with and its even harder to get one that shows the internals but here’s the best I could get of it:

Such a cool idea!  And it looks like it came out great.  I’d love to see some more high res shots if you have any Vince!  Also did you polish the outside of the skull? If you did what did you use?

Thanks, I only have one camera and those are the best pics out of a dozen unfortunately. I didn’t polish it, I don’t know how you would but I do spray all of my prints with Krylon UV-resistant Clear Gloss. I really need a better way to take pictures, but no way I can afford anything right now. I’d like to see some more “ship in a bottle” prints like this though, or hear any ideas for some!

I just published this on thingiverse which includes the stl file and the original file links etc.