A neat little tool you may want to add to your toolbox. 405nm laser pointer!

Grabbed this guy off of Amazon with the intent that I could use it as a tack welder to bond parts. Zap it with this little guy to secure the parts, then into the post curing chamber for a full bond. And it’s 1/500th of the price, when compared to an industrial fiber optic curing station from Henkel!

It works! The flexible material on the build platform is solidified and bonded, from just a short exposure.

could you post link?

I have used this type of pointer to weld large parts together I can vouch that it works!

My bad… no link. AND I didn’t get it from Amazon, after all.

Here’s the link:

It’s one of those ‘shipped from China’ online purchases… so it took almost 3-weeks to get it (thus my loss of memory as to where I purchased it from).

… but who doesn’t like those shipped from China purchases! Presuming the product is what you expected… it’s like getting a present in the mail, because it’s been soo long, you forgot you ordered it!

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