Lasers for repairing parts

According to this page:

…it’s suggested that a laser pointer can be used to cure resin used to repair a part. I found a couple of laser pointers meeting the specs listed and I was wondering if the color mattered (e.g., green or violet)? And if so, which is recommended for this purpose.

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405nm is violet.  Also sometimes referred to as a blu-ray laser (it’s the wavelength in blu-ray players/burners.)

Hi Jonathon,

Thanks for responding. What was confusing me is that a search on Google shows 405nm lasers coming in a variety of colors and not just violet.

That said, this issue had been clarified for me in this thread:

Lots of other good part repairing info there too. (I see you’ve posted there, so this tip is mainly for other users who stumble on this thread.) :slight_smile:


I’ve been using UV LED flashlight, I’ve found it hardens the resin within seconds and can do a much larger area

(also possibly safer).

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