A DIY UV post-cure Lightbox you too can make

Hello Jonathan or Anybody Else,

Can someone please convert these files to STl, or tell me the program so I can convert them please…


I made mine from a scavenged microwave.


Working on my lightbox as well. still working out the details on power input, LEDs, and leveling legs but it closes now!


Amazing project… Will try to do that here (Brazil) and possibly make a video out of it!! Thanks, mr. Barr

would be ultimate cool factor if your microwave dings when the curing session is done!

Here you go @CollectorCNC. It’s a $4 timer/switch with a bell! It’s the perfect LED power switch.


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Perfect, now all I need is the broken down Microwave :+1:

Hi Jonathan. First of all i must say GREAT JOB! It looks really good! I would really appreciate if you can send me your .SLDPRT files to jggonzsal@hotmail.com. Thanks you in advance.

Got the leveling legs installed. Next, to figure out how to place the LEDs… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Nice and stout! …and they look like special moon-rover tires :slight_smile:

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