A DIY UV post-cure Lightbox you too can make


Thanks! I’d love to see others make one, and improve on it!


Awesome work Christopher !!!

Thanks so much for documenting and sharing you design… love it :smiley:


Nicely designed bit of kit.

I picked up a UV sterilisation drawer for £25 off ebay. Granted it doesn’t look as nice but does the job :smile:


This looks amazing! Can’t wait for some downtime to build me one of these. I checked out all the links, the motor is no longer available from the ebay seller. Everything else still works. Thanks for sharing!


Cool! I’d love to see what you come up with :smile:



Great job! I just finished making one too! I wanted it to match the Formlabs printer as much as possible. I 3D printed all of the parts in a Dimension 1200es. Maybe I went a little overboard by even laser engraving the company logo on it, but that is just the perfectionist Industrial Designer in me. It works just as well as it looks along-side the Formlabs printer! Let me know what you think! I have all of the SLDPRT files if anyone is interested!


I forgot to post these images of it on.


WOW!!! WOW!! again :smile:
That is fantastic! Absolutely beautiful job. Very impressive.



Jonathon, This is awesome, and I would live the files, to make one for myself. Or could I pay you to print the printable parts for me? I think I have bought most of the internal parts trying to make one out of an old rotisserie oven, and some heating duct parts. But my stuff sits out where people can see when they come to pick up stuff and it is hard to charge for stuff when it looks they way mine does.

facetstm at msn dot com




Very great, can you send me the files ? Patrick dot nowak at Nowatech dot ch

Thank a lot



Hey Jonathan this is the best I’ve seen available brilliant work! Can you send me the files pls.


I made a drop box folder and added you guys, let me know if it works!


I made a dropbox folder and added you, let me know if it works!


I Dont have your email to add to the drop box folder


Hey Jon its here, thanks so much! This is my drop box email 7@cipherist.com


I don’t see anything yet.


The files can be found:


Hi Christopher.

I like your design and I’d like to build one myself. Can you send me the motor mount .stl?
jasonvanderreyden at gmail dot com

Also, do you have a cutlist with dimensions for each piece, or maybe a more detailed set of instructions to follow? I’d like to hold to your design as close as possible while only changing the width to match the Form 2.


Jason VanderReyden


Hello Jonathan or Anybody Else,

Can someone please convert these files to STl, or tell me the program so I can convert them please…



I made mine from a scavenged microwave.