91% Alcohol vs 99% Alcohol


91% is optimal, really, 99% is a waste.

91% is azeotropic, meaning the percentage will remain the same no matter how much evaporates (because water and alcohol will evaporate at the same rate).

In other words, your 99% will become 91% anywas if you leave it open.


Filtering IPA won’t help very much. The resin is dissolved in the IPA so only distilling it will remove the resin.


If you’re from eastern Europe, then wouldn’t it be loza? If I’m spelling it correctly.

I use 99% and find it washes better and with a shorter soak duration. I use the same two bucket method mentioned above. For some parts, I’ll wash in the FormWash as a final process.

I have tried that Australian product, resinaway, but for me, it sucked. I see now Formlabs also recommends/supports the use of TPM but I am unable to find it and searching online only mentions it as an ingredient in cleaners.


Filtering would help with removing bits of resin that are inevitably left behind in the IPA before it reaches saturation.


We’re using TPM now for about half a year with the original Form Wash and it’s the best solution for us.

Yes - it’s more expensive
Yes - you need to wash the TPM away after washing your parts (we use hot water)


  • It smells so much “better” than IPA
  • higher boiling point (3times more -> 82°C IPA / 242°C TPM -> this is causing the “better” smell)
  • flashpoint 10x higher (12°C IPA / 127°C TPM)
  • higher resincapability (we can use TPM almost two times longer than IPA)

So for us as a company, the advantages are much higher than the price-disadvantage. We use “Dowanol TPM”, if you are interested in.

Alternate Wash Solution