50A resin

Hi, is it normal for this resin to smell so horrible when it is printing? My guys and I had to put respirators on and now days later it still smells worrisome toxic???
Is this normal or did owe do something wrong?

I print with pretty much exclusively 50A. There is certainly a smell.
I installed air quality meters and the HVOC reading is maxed out(9.999 mg/m^3) in that area at al times, though the smell is certainly worse when a print is active. When I work in the printing space I have to actively run air through the area to keep that reading at a reasonable level, closer to 0.75 mg/m^3.

@KBKB Thank you for replying, You’re not worried about breathing the air or the fumes it creates? What air quality meter are you using? And how do you present active air running through the space?
Thank you!

Worried? slightly so. enough to run the air when I do more than just run in to check on the prints.

Air quality meters are plentiful (and not that expensive anymore). This one was a ~$100 purchase with logging and an active air draw. Apologies, I do not recall the make/model. Check Amazon if you’re interested.

For this smaller setup the air is simply an open bay door and a large fan sucking air out. For other setups I have installed ventilation systems that draw air right above the workstation and vent out. The ~3’ fan is sufficient in my current case.

I would check out the SDS. It should have recommendations about air (ventilation) safety and what precautions to take. I don’'t work with 50A so I have not looked at the SDS.

hi @MattBowen33 Thank you. Where do I find the SDS at. I should know this but I’m so busy I can think of where I would have them. Are they on the website?

Thank you again…

because I am feeling nice today…
Elastic 50A.pdf (261.2 KB)

Thank you sir

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