3rd Party PhotoCentric Resin

I just got an email from PhotoCentric saying that they have their grey resin working good and will have the other colors working good in the near future on the Form2. I want to see if anyone has tested the grey? I saw a test of the clear before PhotoCentric has stated it works good yet.

From PhotoCentric:
Firm UV Resin, Grey resin at 100 micron, the rest will be ready this week too. Results with clear and black just came out very well too using the standard settings from the printer.


Just saw the rates… looks economical… and they have printers too… but with different technology - I guess. If you have a review for it - please share

Just tried the “hard” gray resin they offer in my Form1+. Totally unusable with very little detail (mostly mush). Looks like I just wasted $120 on resin I can’t use for anything. I recommend staying away, even though I dislike the $150/L resin prices from FormLabs. At least you know it works and won’t waste your time.

The search for resin with the performance of FormLabs resin, but at a lower price, continues…

I have seen very good results from photocentric3D here on the forum so I ordered firm+hard. Will be testing them this week on a form 2.

You can tweak the settings of the form 1+ good chance you will find a working one!

Yes, perhaps, but the point is, I want to just put in resin and print. Not go through bottles of resin to try to “find” a setting that works. I’m going to try to return my unused bottle.

Have you looked at the B9 Creator resins?

Take a look at this tread.

Thanks to the genius that is Silvio_Augusto, we have a custom settings that works with photosentric3d grey hard and firm.

Photocentric have a setting page with required profile to use.

This page didn’t exist 3 years ago when this post was created. :wink:

Always handy to pin so anyone looking can get latest help from previous posts.