3L stopped and froze after ±500 layers


Anybody had their 3L stop after about 500 layers. It happend back in June and now again. FL told me do a factory reset back in June which I did. I believe there was a Firmware update back then.

No real error message. Screen is frozen and seems buildplatform is indicated as red and asks if its clean or not.

Hi @AllOnScale,

Thanks for getting in touch. I would definitely recommend getting back in contact with Support, especially since this has been a recurring issue. Before running another factory reset, downloading the diagnostic logs may be helpful for them to better diagnose the issue.

Already did, just curious if anybody else has experienced the same.

Has happened to me only once, don’t quite remember in what circumstance…just assumed it was a freak accident.

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Provide the diagnostic logs to aftermarket support they can see more information, sometimes you can see the error code in the print job list after restarting the printer, sometimes not

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