3d support baked in to windows 8.1

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Pretty cool info! Nice to see it going more mainstream. I heard something about it on Formlabs’ Twitter, came here to see if they had announced anything because I saw them mentioned as a partner in this article:

Not sure where they got that info from, but it’d be great if it’s true. :slight_smile:

Given that a lot of parts need supports or proper orientation to print properly, I wonder if this would mean a 3D modeling package would send the part to the 3D printer’s print software? It’s a step forward, but along with it being really great, I can also see a lot of potential for headaches on the customer’s end.

More details here:



I wonder if Form Labs is going to join as a Microsoft partner…

Lists the following at the bottom:

Developers and 3D manufacturing

Whether you’re a developer who wants to include 3D printing in your app, or a maker of a 3D manufacturing device, there are a few good ways that you can get started today:


Microsoft has teamed up with a lot of partners for the first wave of apps and devices, with more partners constantly joining. Come join us in making end-to-end 3D manufacturing extremely easy for our customers on Windows!

Holy Crap, They can’t even do an OS, that works well…Just expect 12,000 updates ( in the middle of a print) and then they will try to sell it to you!! LOL!


Microsoft explains 3D printing standards in Windows 8.1 (video)

Great, now MS can screw up 3D printing with their reverse-Midas touch… lol

No thanks!