3D printed Violin

How awesome is this?


Pretty awesome :slight_smile: Brian Chan is super talented. We are lucky to have him on the team at Formlabs. Check out some of his other work here http://web.mit.edu/chosetec/www/

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Has anyone else built or planning to build this violin? I’m thinking about it and want to know how others fared in the process.

I downloaded the STL’s… and contacted the creator to ask him for the CAD files, so that I could make some changes, after looking at the design. I got no response. So I will likely grab my old violin and do my own.

I printed one 1/2 scale. I haven’t finished assembling it yet.

Is it going together well so far? Are there any issues that you think should be addressed before I start printing?

The only issues I ran into is with everything 1/2 scale, the walls are really thin and flexible. It really isn’t designed to be printed so small… If you are printing full size, I think you will be ok.
One of these days I will post up pics.

Oh my God, for a few seconds I was desperately in search of photoshop or some other cheating, because I couldn’t believe my eyes in fact! That is fantastic, really

Hi, I created the violin, I may have missed your message. The CAD files are already freely available at Onshape https://cad.onshape.com/documents/c1aa5bba6a0139ebb12ce0bd/w/7dbd79899d296fb290aca0f0/e/5674590fdcc7dfc990ef51af so you can get in there and make a copy, and make any modifications you’d like!

Excellent! Thanks!