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3D printed transforming Horseshoe Crab

I am still experimenting on what can be done with the Form2 printer and the durable resin material. I figured it would be a good test to make a figure with a transforming feature. I always loved horseshoe crabs so I choose one as the alt mode for the figure.
The transformation works well although with this figure paint chipping is kinda unavoidable. The tail can either be used as a sword or a gun.

Full disclaimer: I only have one figure at the moment. So this picture is a composition of two separately taken pictures.

Here is a video of the transformation:


Try mixing some dyes with the white resin so you dont need to paint it afterwards :wink:

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Thanks for the tip. Not sure replacing the durable resin with the more brittle white one would work though.

I think @bolsoncerrado is referencing using pigments in the Durable Resin itself to avoid the need to paint the models afterwards. That would allow you to maintain the low-friction properties of Durable as well though I’m not sure what sorts of dyes or pigments would work here. This model is pretty great and I’m looking forward to more transformers :slight_smile:

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Very cool!

I just recently printed and painted a trilobite (the horseshoe crab is the trilobite’s closest living relative)

Yours is way cooler though - good job!


Thanks Frew and fogleman!

Frew, thanks for the clarification. I will look into the this.
fogleman your trilobite looks really nice!