3D Print of ESA's Philae lander

Exploring alien landscapes closer to home


Ha! Cool! Good way to commemorate a huge achievement for mankind.

Really a nice idea to print it: good job!

Very nicely done! Love how you used sheets to represent the comet ;).

Btw, did you cure the cabin in a uv-oven and the legs in daylight? As the cabin is much more yellow? Just wondering because I my clear resin turns a little yellow when curing in a uv-oven.

It’s printed as a single piece, I did put the whole thing under a UV lamp for a few minutes but I find that solid parts like the lander’s body always look more yellow than thin parts like the legs anyway, even without additional curing.

Hah! That’s fantastic! What a lovely print (and photograph!)

Cool print :smiley:

The harpoons don’t fire and the top thruster does not work. Excellent reproduction :slight_smile:

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