3D Design Software for Jewellery


Matrix 9 Is a good option, hope it helps, thanks


As a Jewellery Designer with a Form 2 you need to understand the limitations. The CAD Software is horribly expensive and the $7000 or so for something like Matrix is not a one off cost but an entry fee into a constant demand for annual support and upgrade charges. It was a great program and reasonably affordable until Stuller bought it. Hiked the price and the annual charges. Now if you are a small business it seems they want a big slice of your profit. I strongly suggest you try Blender or Just learn Rhino properly unless you are a very busy shop with money to throw around. Next The Form 2 is a great printer for plastic, and engineering plastics but as a caster with over 40 years experience I can tell you casters HATE the Formlabs Castable and Castable Wax resins. they need special burnout cycles and have expansion issues that can damage the mould walls during burnout leading to very poor casts. Getting a good cast from Formlabs resins is hit and miss. There are resins from other companies that do work reasonably well but to use them you have to disable the plug and play nature of the formlabs machine turning off heating, the tank wiper and automatic dispensing so you might as well get a cheaper 3D printer without those features. Having said all that I believe there is a new Castable wax resin in development but I have yet to be able to try it. I suggest you hold off getting a Form 2 wait for the new Castable wax and request some samples to see how good it is and then if it meets your needs buy a form 3 because the Form 2 will only be supported for a couple more years.