Jewelry Advice?

I’m in the process of modeling/printing a ring and I’m wondering if anyone has any advice for modeling the settings. I come from an organic box modeling background, so CAD stuff is pretty alien to me. I have access to standard Rhino and possibly Solidworks.

I know the shapes of the stones I want, but I’m not sure if there are 100% standard sizes for settings or what. Any advice would be great! :smile:

It’s based on a ring I got from my grandmother years and years ago, but with some slight modifications. I’m also hoping to add a marquise cut stone to the center instead of the round one.

Sorry for the potato-quality photos!

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Nice modeling. You may want to check out MOI 3d (moment of inspiration). It is a really easy cad program written by the guy that originally wrote Rhino. Software doesn’t break the bank and I have never had the program crash EVER!

I’m not a jewelry designer so can’t help you with the stone setting. Not sure if there are stone models you can import in?

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Hi Roxanne - maybe I can help you. I have a CAD Service for Goldsmiths and used to be a Goldsmith myself. I don’t work with Rhino but with a special jewellery software called 3Design.
do you want to do the settings separate and solder them in after casting? You can mail me directly if you want and I can help you out.


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Hi roxanne,

              I do jewellery designing job-work. We do it within 2 to 3 days. Could help you out with yours sketches also.

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Hi Roxanne:
You seem to have the ring design worked out really well. If you can operate preform you can design heads. The suggestion to use moi 3d is a good one and they have several tutorials to get you started in no time. another option is Rhino and Rhinogold which is what I use. if you are a student you can get these for a very reasonable price from Novedge. Rhinogold has all the jewelry presets built in where all you have to do is input the dimensions of your stones and it will design them for you. If you need these heads to be designed for you just email me the dimensions to and I will knock them out for you and email them back free of charge.
Happy designing
David Adamson

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! @David_Adamson I’m sending you an email. Thank you so much for the kind offer! :smiley:

So How did your ring design come out?