Free online jewelry customizer

Does anyone know of an online jewelry customizer (browser based- not software download) for rings, earrings, etc. that can export a stl file for free? I was experimenting with the website WizeGem, but they charge to download the stl. Thanks!

Prices seems perfectly reasonable though. Do you expect someone to develop a website like that and not seek compensation ?

Fair enough! I probably should have mentioned that this is for my school’s Makerspace. We are running an event in which students will have 20 minutes to design a piece of jewelry. So, I really need something quick and easy the students can use without the need to learn CAD.

Check out Nervous System. They designed a few of our favorite marketing parts like the Hyphae Lamp and have customizers for a number of their designs that might work well for your project.

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I’ll have to check it out. Love Nervous System. Just another thought on intuitive software, PotterDraw. Instant vessels. Easy and free, and the gal who designed it is really nice, answers questions.

Thanks guys! I got some ideas to try now!

Can you download the file, or is there only the option to buy one they make for you?