1mm grid lines toggle

Currently the grid lines in PreForm are at 10mm which is very handy but I do a lot of precision printing of roleplaying miniaures.

The customer requests the miniature to be 32mm for example to the top of his helmet. However he is holding a sword over his head … so that is not as easy as just making the figure height 32mm.

If there was a toggle to change the 10mm squares to 1mm squares that would REALLY be a big help to me as then I could adjust the size of the model easily in PreForm to be an exact size to a part of the model that was not the full height.

Don’t think this would be that difficult to program either … so would be a really nice feature.

What you could do is make a cube that is 32mm and bring that into Preform as well. Put it next to your miniature and then scale it until the top of the head is roughly in line with the top of the cube. All you have to do is delete the cube and you should be good to go.


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I agree I could do that. But that was just one example … I am constantly needing to resize files to different standards. Would be a lot nicer to have 1mm grids to make it easy to do than to need to create a custom cube for each special job.

It would be even better if Preform had a rudimentary measuring tool in it to verify the model’s dimensions. My workaround is to check the scale of the model before adding supports using Preform’s scaling tool.