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10 floors building, scale 1:87, model railway

My latest project, scale 1:87, model railway
For a 10 floors building, I needed 40 pieces. balconies, and a large amount of stairs.
The rest of the building is made on my cnc milling machine, material polystyrene.


This is AMAZING!!!

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Very nice job.

Holy Cow @Ole_Vedel, the detail there is amazing. What a fantastic piece!

Hey… what’s going on on the fifth floor???

We need a higher resolution photo for that…:wink:



The more i look at this the more I see (or think I see)… Looks like we have a flasher on the tenth floor, and the guy on the roof is taking a leak over the edge of the building ???

Definitely need a hi-res photo of this.


I’ve printed the cars in scale 1/120 (TT).

free image uploading

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The girl behind the microphone is 3D print, and most furniture too.


I though so… Thanks for the detailed photos.

Now that’s what I call fun with trains, :grinning:

That is a randy building. Nice work, lots of fun.

Fantastic stuff! Well done.

Is there a link to the photo that was taken down? It gave me a great laugh and I wanted to show my girlfriend.

Here is the link to the banned “Hard Core” photos ! :grin:
My blog about my Model Railway.øj-hus

And more 3D printing among.


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