A work in progress - a logging caboose

I bought the caboose on the left and painted the caboose on the right. They are both rare in my scale. Obviously the center is my current project. I fiddled and printed a few iterations but am closing in on the final version. I can make sure everything fits together well in Solidworks but I would not be able to see it is a bit tall and slightly out of scale. I had to print it.

This is a “freelance” model meaning I am not working from a real railroad drawing like I do MOST of the time. I measured from another smaller scale model and enlarged it about 33% to my scale. Any errors are only magnified, but the original model was “imangineered” as well.

I took .010 out of the height of the cabin but kept the door the same height. I am printing some items in castable now that will be brass.