You don't need to use isopropyl alcohol

In Singapore, it’s really hard to get a decent amount of isopropyl alcohol cheaply. The variety they sell in pharmacy are only 70% type and it’s really expensive.

Here’s an alternative I’m using, just regular (oil based) paint thinner (sold in very ghetto looking beer bottles in Singapore). Not only does it clean the part very well, it’s cheap and works faster. Parts I clean using this is tack-free in 1 day after air drying in the shade.

Because it’s rather potent. I only use half the recommended cleaning time for isopropyl alcohol.** 1 min shake and 5 min soak.**

Also, you can’t use the containers that Formlabs provided since thinner is rather strong. I got a glass container for soaking my parts. Hope this helps!

Oh boy…

in every sort of safety guide here in germany, it is advised to not use the same containers for chemicals, as for food.

(Do not put thinner in coke bottles!)

well - here we go with paint thinner in a sort of heineken beer bottle!

Teck Wee Tan, make sure that you will never by accident drink from this bottle, thinking it is some fresh and chilled beer!


It’s not just “sort of heineken” – it actually says “HARBIN BEER” molded onto the bottle!