99% IPA from Uline, Is it too concentrated to use as cleaner?

I purchased IPA from Uline; http://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-17475/First-Aid/99-Isopropyl-Alcohol-1-Gallon-Bottle
Is the 99% concentration too strong too clean the parts?
I just received my machine and am setting up the rinse station.
The thought just occurred to me in my zeal to get the best result, have I gone overboard with my chemical choice?

I do not think so I would just watch how much time you spend cleaning the parts from what I can remember seeing on here they at formlabs actually recommend the highest % you can get. It should not hurt anything in my opinion

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Try thinning some down with water, clean filtered water if you have it. Won’t take that much The equivalent of 1 quart water to 5 quarts 99% IPA should do it. Just mix it real good.

It’s about $9 a gallon, @ $2.25 per quart bottle at Target. Twice that at Walgreens.

I did just check the recommendations in the instructions
Prepare the Rinse Basket
Fold the rinse basket as indicated in the diagram.
Place the rinse basket in the rinse tub.
Fill the rinse tub (about halfway) with 90+% isopropyl alcohol and cover the tub with the lid.

so 99% is just fine according to formlabs

Yes, 99% IPA is fine. We use it around the office sometimes. It’s more potent, so it’ll cleal your parts faster. But you also need to be careful not to forget and leave them in the bath too long.


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