X and Y reference on the grid in Preform

The support docs online say “Extend the life of your resin tank by placing your models in different locations on the build platform each time you print.”
However without any reference to X and Y on the grid it’s very difficult to know where your parts are in relation to the build platform … especially if you’ve rotated the model space on your screen and lost track of what used to be X and Y.
I just noticed after about a dozen prints they all seem to be printing on the right side of the machine which I assume corresponds to the left side in the Preform software … so now I’ll try to remember to move things to the right in the software more often.

As a wish for the future, how about Preform keep track of where it prints parts and by default place models in spaces that have not been printed on before or not as much as others.

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Literally everything you’re complaining about has been complained about, many many times by others - including myself. Good to keep it fresh though, so hopefully it will be fixed (it really is a bug, and not a lack of a nice-to-have feature IMHO).

When I get confused about x and y directions, I go into layout mode, which flips the view back to show the front and hinge markers. Frustrating and cheesy, I know, but it’s all we’ve got at the moment.


I highlighted this issue during the Form2 beta testing. It’s especially confusing when I’m working on getting rid of the RED problem areas by rotating the part. It’s very frustrating to have to randomly select and X +/- or Y +/- in order to move the part with no idea how it is relating to the part.

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