Wonder Woman Print

About a week ago, I was looking through Sketchfab, and some models caught my eye. I contacted the artist, and we worked out a deal for a few models.

The first model I started to work on is Wonder Woman. This model like all his other ones are primarily done in 3DS Max and Daz 3D Studio. As such, most of these models require some work to make them 3D printable, but with the right tools, it can be done.

Anyway, Wonder Woman, as sculpted had quite a bit of detail, but it was not modeled to look like anyone in particular, like Gal Gadot. Additionally, the cuiras she’s wearing is a cross of that from the beginning of the movie, and the elaborate armor she wore later on. The shield was also wrong, as it’s the one she adopted later for the Justice league movie, but I left in place, and added the sword from Justice League instead of a generic sword she had. There were a few other touches, but the res of the model remains as sculpted.

I first printed the model at 1:12 scale (a little under 6" tall). I printed it directly on the build platform in one piece. I also wanted to print a 1:6 scale version but it proved to be too big for the printer without segmenting it into too many pieces. So I opted for a 1:8 scale (9.25" tall), which could be printed in 2 major parts, and a couple of smaller ones (base & sword).

Below is a photo of the model without the base or sword next to a rendering of the 3D model. The supports have been removed, but no clean up has been done yet.


How do you draw this resin and formlabs?

damn that is awesome.

Can you restate the question please?

Thank you, but I can’t take all the credit, the original artist is responsible for the base model

Are you going to be able to release it somewhere? So I can print it too?

Great design, this resin and the formlabs?

I’m using ApplyLabWorks Beige resin.

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No, this will not be released.

If want to print this, you can contact the artist, Xada, on Sketchfab and purchase the model.

I think Rodrigo is asking which resin you used and whether you used a Form 1+ or Form 2. To me it looks like white v2 on the Form 2.

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Actually, as mentioned above, I’m using ApplyLabWorks Beige, which is similar to FL White v1, and I’m printing it on a Form 1+ at 0.1mm.

I found the ALW resin to be the best resin since Grey v2, at least on my Form 1+ printer.

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I finished printing all the parts, and I changed the base to something more elaborate, it’s basically a rock formation and the Wonder Woman logo is protruding through the rock as if it had been partially encased by it.

Next up, cleanup and painting.


Does the original artist have the file with your mods?
Looks awesome, great job

No, he does not. He only has his original artwork.