Wire frame mode in PreForm?

It would be useful to have a wireframe mode in PreForm, or something comparable so that operators can get an understanding of what is happening inside of closed surfaces (e.g. spheres with internal structures).



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Doesn’t the slider feature tackle this problem?

Try changing your resin to clear. This gives a bit of transparency while in PreForm. Obviously, you will need to change it to whatever color you are working with before you print.

It’s certainly a good workaround.

Yep. I was trying that. The model was quite complicated and I wasn’t using the best display, either. Another good workaround.

I recently posted a discussion on CAE Simulation in Linked in 'Using FEA Software for 3D printing.
https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/4560262-6001293119113408512, turns out FEA modeling software is ideal for examining the internals of a CAD solid. This is done by peeling away the surfaces, one or more layers at a time. If Blender does not do this in a user friendly way, I can provide you with a suite, Windows only, for the price of a bottle of Resin.

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