Window discoloration

Hi there,
i have been using Form 2 for almost a month, the machine is almost perfect, everything seems to be working fine.
however I just realized a discoloration on the window, tried to clean it per suggested method on the form with IPA and PEC PAD, however it is not working at all.
is this normal wear and tear on the window? or do i need to solve the issue?


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I have a similar problem. I can’t see it normally only when i have my iphone light at an angle checking to see if it was all clean. I first thought it was moisture on the inside but its on the outside surface.

Haven’t seen this before but it looks like an irregularity/defect in the coating of the glass. That being said I don’t even know if there actually is a coating on the window so take that with a grain of salt…

Thanks for the replies,
I just finished a print, the whole printing area was used, definitely, the parts above the bad area are affected.
as shown on the right side, the parts exhibit some kind of excessive roughness.
i think it is time to contact customer service to replace this piece.
i wonder if i can do it myself or has to be re-calibrated at Formlabs


Just contact Formlabs and ask for a cleaning kit. I got it free of charge. I just did it myself and the prints are now perfect. Just clean the window and the mirrors. Formlabs will give you the manual. Never hesitate to contact formlabs help center.

Kudos to that.
Also, the optical window is very easy to remove and replace, if it is indeed a defective part which cannot be cleaned Formlabs can send you a new one and you won’t have to sent your printer back because it doesn’t impact the calibration at all.

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