Why is Ceramic so hard to remove from the build platform?


Is sanding the platform really necessary? I did one as recommended and another with 220 grit instead and lightly but holy adhesion. I had to mill it off.


I’ve switched to 80 grit. That most closely matches a new platform’s texture.


Than why sand it in the 1st place? I will try a new without sanding next time. I think I will take one to work and sand blast it. I bet the reason has something to do with removing the anodizing on the aluminum.


No need to sand the BP if it doesn’t have any scratches.

If adhesion is too strong you should tweak Z Offset on the printer, the setting exists for that reason. I don’t think you are expected to mill the BP to get the platform off…


No not neccesary! You can try to put your build platform in a freezer 15min @ -20°C. Due to hopefully different coefficient of thermal expansion it shiould be easier to remove the part…


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