Why do 70% of the models I do go wrong?


I would like to communicate with a technician, since I have almost two years with this machine and the 10 models I print, I have a good one! and this machine cost me a lot of money and I have not obtained the expected results as you can see in the photo, and I am tired of spending money printing things that go wrong almost all, I get more negative results than positive of that
something so simple, it is not done well, you can imagine when they are models with letters and more complicated … the bad results that I get


There are two categories that could be the problem; your machine, or your model.

You don’t say what you’ve done to try and fix the problem, or if you’ve contacted support, or provided details of what machine you have. More info needed in order to help you.

Have you run FL’s tests to check for resolution and accuracy? That can tell you if your machine is within specs. It might not be, and that can be fixed; it could be dust in the machine, the laser, the mirrors, most anything.

Contact support, get the test files, proceed from there. Use the form provided, not the forum.

Second possibility; the way you build or orient your files. But from the surface on the rear inner side of the ring, I suspect you may need to look at the machine itself, first. That’ll give you a baseline to build a solution.

SLA printing can be a challenge, and the way to solve your problem is to be methodical and explicitly detail what you do. FL can be frustratingly procedural, but they do want to help, and with persistence, they’ll fix it, with your cooperation.