Where to put the printer - how messy will it get?

How messy does it get around your printer? As I set up my new studio, I’m thinking about putting mine at the far end of my desk. I have just enough room for it to be comfortably out of the way. The space to the left of the monitor is up for grabs.

Do you find the area to get sticky? Perhaps I should give it it’s own dedicated surface.

I have YET to print with my Form 2, as it arrived right before we found out we had to move, and it’s go time!

Yes, I realize my cable management is clownshoes. It’s a WIP. :slight_smile:

I started using the gloves each time I removed the build plate and fixing it into the holder. Carefully sliding tje parts into the tubs. THEN cleaned the plate and reinserted into the FL2.
After 10 prints I don’t need the gloves I just remove the build plate, flick off the parts into the alcohol tubs and reinsert the plate without cleaning. Assuming I haven’t changed the resin.

Still messy as resin gets on everything.


I’ve been printing with FormLabs printers for almost 2 years now. Both my Form1+ and Form2 are on the desk just to the left of my computer display.

I don’t think the printer is messy at all. Occasionally, I wipe down the desktop with some paper towels and IPA to clean up the stray drops that escape the built platform while I’m prying prints off. Other than that, the biggest problem I have are the pieces of supports that break off and fall in to the carpet, to stab me in the foot a day later, when I step on them in my stocking feet.

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Oh man, as if stepping on Legos weren’t bad enough.

I think I am going to put my printer on my desk, but my finishing station in the basement. I’m considering carrying the build platform in a bin, to the basement where I’ll do my removal. We rent, and the room my studio is in, is regrettably carpeted.

Mine’s on a desk, and I’ve found it to be very clean. I’m not using the gloves or the build platform holder. I use the removal tool to drop the pieces directly into the IPA bath.

I have spilled IPA around the cleaning station, and I keep the long lid (?) on the desk. When I get resin on anything, I keep it on this lid, which is easy to clean.

I’d say it’s clean enough to keep on your desk…but the rinse station might be better off somewhere else, like in a bathroom or on a desk that’s protected.

It is now on my desk. I’ve decided to do what I can to keep my finishing station upstairs and out of the basement. I’m even considering putting my spray booth up there and venting out a window.

I will most certainly need to investigate a way to protect the carpet. I wonder if a plywood false floor would be too crazy. Just throwing plastic sheeting or a tarp down isn’t sustainable, IMO.

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