What kind of Design Articles Would You Like to See?

Here at Form HQ, we’ve been working hard at our new article on Design Tips for Assemblies, which has just gone up over in the knowledge base.

What kind of design articles or subjects would you like to see us cover next?

I would like to see some articles on …

How to print geometric shapes and prototypes with success.

How to avoid huge air bubbles from destroying the prints half way into the print.

When to use internal supports and when not to use them, because they almost always seem to cause nasty huge air pockets and bubbles that affect the print in a very negative way. (missing walls, holes in walls, failed supports and prints)

How to make sure the supports don’t fail for no particular reason. How to achieve really nice surface detail on all, or at least most sides of the print.

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@Will Walker

Nice examples on the PDF.  I would like to see the details about how you would print each of the pieces of the Form: Robot to maximize detail but minimize post-processing.

Finding a balance between supporting the model properly and limiting the amount of post-processing needed is something I’m still trying to refine.  You can do more supports to make sure it prints correctly, but that significantly increases the post-processing that the object needs.  So far the biggest problem is with small detailed items that support structures tend to destroy the detail because of the support attachment locations.

I echo Monger Desings’ comment above.  Since 0.90 I have been unable to successfully complete any print requiring supports.  I am experiencing the same exact issues.

An article on how to print two halves of a mold that interlock. I have printed 3 molds and in only one case both sides mated properly and i’m still scratching my head at what I did differently in the one that worked.

These are all great suggestions – thanks! Jason – you should certainly contact our support team at support@formlabs.com, if you haven’t already. It sounds like you’re having some serious issues.

We’ll take a look, Josh. We’re working on improving the tolerances of the machine, but at the moment, part orientation plays some role in how close your fit is: that’ll change, surely, but for the moment, you may find you have more reliable results along one axis or another.

I’d like an article with examples and dimensions of various snap fit and other connectors the fit and strengths of each type and the effects that different orientations, resolutions, and resin types have on each.