What is the volume of resin in the resin tray when full?

What is the volume of resin in the resin tray when full (to the required line)?  Can’t seem to find this out … print tells me it will use 120ml … and I’m thinking its full it their 120ml in the tank?? (and seriously I don’t have a measuring device anywhere around me to work this out).

Also the sticker showing these lines seems to have the base line lower then the silicone surface in the tank… by maybe 2mm … so I can add a little more resin right?

Jamie, when the tank is filled to the fill-line, it holds about 200ml of resin. I’m not sure what you’re referring to, as to the stickers positioning, but do not fill the tank over the fill line – you risk spilling resin inside of your machine.

The other day I had 2 failed prints that were respectively calculated by the software to be 150 and 160ml.

For the first print, I knew about the tray being about 200ml and since it was completely full, and the software didn’t mention I had to refill the tray during the print, I didin’t check it. Near the end of the process, I noticed a lot of laser light flashing through my room. I wondered what was happening and when I went over for a closer look, I saw the tank was comepletely empty at the spot where it was printing at that moment. The tank itself wasn’t empty yet, there just wasn’t any resin left at the printing spot. I think it has been that way for a while, because I was way to late with the refill and there was a huge crack in the final print.

For the second print, I was a little more careful, knowing I had to refill it. The estimated time was 13 hours, so I reckoned if I filled the tray up in the morning, after 8 hours of printing, I would be safe. But I wasn’t, when I looked at my printer, I already saw the laser shining through the bottom of the resin tank and my print had failed again.

I haven’t been able to check how much the resin tank actually holds, but I think there are 3 possibilities for this to happen: Either the tank is smaller than 200ml, the software doesn’t calculate the volume right, or (and I think that’s the case), due to the viscosity of the resin, when there is only a certain amount of resin left, the resin isn’t able to level out fast enough, before the next layer starts to print, creating a gap in the resin at the printing spot.

Either way, I think it’s advisable to always keep an eye on the resin tray when printing larger objects and don’t rely on the software blindly