Inacurate calculation of resin

So I red thistheme 2 years old. Now I have couple months new white resin and resin tank, when I sum all my prints I got cca 750ml of prints, some went in IPA (small amount) but it show me warning that cartridge is out of resin but its not… it is 750 ml used with one failed print of 250 ml and most of that resin I got back to tank. So I am little confused with inside calculation of Printer, I think Formlabs should check this thing more. Also if you sell us 1l of resin you could put a little more inside (at least 100ml) because some of it went scraping and some went in IPA wash :smiley: Just think about it :smiley:


We had a long discussion on this issue lately. Yes, the calculation isn’t accurate.

Keep in mind that when the cartridge is empty you still got around 200 ml in your tank. So the first time you use a cartridge and a tank the cartridge drop down to 800 ml just to fill the tank.

If I want to use all the resin before inserting a new one, i’m approving a print when a message of empty cartridge popping on the screen. When there is no more resin left the printer us stopping and waiting until you replace the cartridge and fill the tank.

I’m doing it when I’m around the printer when the entire resing is depleted as if it will stop for long time you will have a ‘parting line’ on the model.

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so I have couple ml (maybe 10 ml) in my cartridge (checked on the top opening it), so that mean that in my resin tank is 200 ml of resin, so I could print cca 180ml print? Will print stop in some point because there is low resin tank?

It will print, the machine will give you a notice that the resin is low abd it might not be sufficient for the job. Just click continue to print.

I think it will use around 100 ml or so. The machine cant use all of the resin as the area of the tank must be covered. The machine will stop when the resin drop to the minimum so it wont ruin the print job.

well it was two warnings I continued after first one and went home now second one showed… this is going on my nerves.

The second one also ask for approve to continue?
As far as I remember, the second one is a notice that its below the required level for printing and therefore eill not continue from this point.

Dont let it go on your nerves, we are walking on the machine limits to maximize your resin. Its not a normal mode of operation for it. :slight_smile:

well it was enough resin inside tank about 200ml and print was 100 I will make new thread what happened…

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