What is the best way to see cure resin in my resin tank?

I don’t want to use the metal scraper to run through the bottom of the resin tank and don’t want to use a plastic one either, since not only it has potential to ruin the silicon layer but also every time the scraper is out it will bring large amount of resin and this is a total waste and also may bring in some dirt into the resin. It is the best way to check small cure resin by eyes since I only use clear resin, but it is very hard to do that and I am not 100% confident in this way. Can anyone give a better easier and safer solution? Any recommendation on tools is welcome!

Hello lock,

There are a few tips in other threads about this so you could search for more, but I’ll list a few ways here.

  1. Use a plastic, wide tooth comb to gently comb through the resin.  I’ve found this way to be pretty effective.  I believe one of the Formlabs guys posted this in another thread.

  2. A bright flashlight will help a lot in the clear resin.  I find you can shine it down into the resin towards you and you can usually see the shimmer of cured or partly cured pieces and then fish them out.

  3. Use the round side of the tweezers that came in the finishing kit to lightly run along the bottom.  Be very careful if you use this method, but I find it very effective for finding stuff stuck on the bottom even in the gray resin.  Just allow the rounded part to rest on the bottom and slide it around in a pattern until you feel it snag on something.

You may want to browse some of the other larger threads as they have hidden pieces of information throughout them.

Thank you Steven! These tips are helpful,