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What is mineral oil?

Here it goes my limits in english. But what is mineral oil and anybody here knows what it equals to in languages like italian or dutch.

Definition of mineral oil
a distillation product of petroleum, especially one used as a lubricant, moisturizer, or laxative.

It’s also a dielectric material.

Still unclear what i should use. Petroleum from my car, baby oil, engine oil … very confusing.

Baby oil is the correct choice here. Look for a clear oil in a pharmacy type store (because it is safe to ingest and used a laxative). Avoid using any kind of vegetable oil for cooking because it can go rancid.

You haven’t stated what you want to use the mineral oil for. Why do you need it, and what does it have to do with this forum?


Brake oil should do the trick. I’ve successfully used silicone oil as well to get rid of the white marks, but your mileage may vary.

I put some in an envelope licker, pretty convenient…

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Thanks. I have an idea of what to look now for finishing the prints.

Ah. Thanks. I have Soapstone countertops in my kitchen, and use Mineral Oil on them. But rubbing mineral oil on plastic parts just seems kinda dumb. Sure, it may make them ‘look’ more clear temporarily, but they’ll really just be oily…

I use it on every color, it gets rid of the sanded spots that stand out if I don’t plan on painting.

I use WD40. The spray makes it great for getting into awkward bits and pieces

hi I tried baby oil and WD40 bur honestly the sanded spot stay (I used a 180 sand paper) …
I am using clear resin and I am very happy, if I could get rid of the sanded spots it would be great

Would a scratch removal (as for cars) work?
Or maybe wet sanding instead of dry sanding?

Wet sanding works wonderfully on printer parts. Usually I’ll go up to 600 grit wet/dry to get a nice sheen on my parts. You can go even higher like the guys over at Plus Fab did with their prototype grips 1 .

But how do you remove the scratches? I used only 180grit and i see them somehow. I am sure than finer sanding will not reduce it, just make it look all matt.

finer sanding with wet and dry paper will help to remove the scratches and yes it will make it go matt. You want to look at using a gloss spray to give it a nice shiny finish.

I have a question: why does soapstone need oil? Also, does mineral oil work on different soapstone countertop types?

the 6 euros camelia oil from this page Tool Care and Tool Oil | FINE TOOLS works great to remove sanding marks of 600 grit and above. Use a very small amount!