Black Resin with Oil

We have a dozen or so printed parts that wear against each other in a wish-bone type configuration. They’re printed in Black V4 so though soft, they do move properly. We’ve been experimenting with adding some lubrication to the joint to try and make it move more freely. Specifically we’re using WD-40 at the moment as it’s on hand. The hardened resin accepts it willingly (and even seems to absorb some of it) and the joints move freely afterwards. My concern is whether or not the oil will act as a solvent against the Resin, making it brittle or just dissolving it over time. Thus far we haven’t seen any negative impacts, but wanted to see if Form or someone else had attempted something similar in the past that had long-time results to share.

It is recommended to use mineral oil on the part to remove any scratches. I’m not sure about WD-40 but mineral oil shouldn’t be a problem.

Better to use some sort of lithium grease instead, WD-40 is not desigend to lubricate anything really. At least not the standard old school one

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The resin probably doesn’t absorb the WD-40, rather I think most of the WD-40 evaporates minutes after application. As stated by others, WD-40 isn’t a lubricant and shouldn’t be used as such, especially on plastic parts because it has the tendency to “dry” them and promote cracks.

For plastics I would use lithium silicone or otherwise any type of mineral grease/oil. Most other types will have the tendency do make parts crack, although less so than WD-40.

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Thanks all. We’ll switch over to Lithium here for the production run, I just wasn’t sure if any form or oil, or grease for that matter, would cause detriment to the Resin. Thanks again for the input.

You might try dry graphite lubricants, as well- they can’t ‘soak in’.