Mineral Oil as Lubricant

Will Mineral Oil work well as a Lubricant for mechanical assembly printed in clear resin? This has worked well with Objet parts in the past.

We use it to polish parts so it certainly won’t attack the resin.

I have found Dupont Multipurpose Lubricant with Teflon when making assemblies with parts rubbing against one another to work very well

Yes! It works really well - a little goes a long way. I’ve been applying it with a microfiber cloth or clean paper towel. Q-tips work well for small and hard-to-reach spots.

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I have been trying out a few things for polishing the clear resin. I started with wet sanding, I also tried sanding with mineral oil starting with 1200 and moving onto a piece of leather. It turned out pretty clear. Is that what you mean by polishing with the oil?

I have used paraffin wax.