Resin on Resin lubricant?

Hundreds of these needles will dance up and down in a rig, according to a pre-programmed valve system.

Doing this with 2mm dia. printed needles in a printed fixture and experimenting with many materials. It is required that they ‘slide’ within a 2.1mm shaft.

QUESTION: Has anyone had any success with any sort of lubricant for resin-on-resin bearing contacts? Silicone lubes make things sticky.

note: Currently only a white or grey resin has worked to hold the detail, grey pro of course at .025. But even using white at its max of .050 the detail is great. (Tried tough2000 a couple of times but it’s impossible to clean and dry and falls apart even at .050.). Form3B

Thank you in advance…

I think the Durable resin has a self-lubricating property similar to Delrin.

Thank you for the note. I see now the “Low friction assemblies and non-degrading surfaces” specific to the “Durable”. I incorrectly assumed Tough 2000 would be the best choice in this category and wound up with a sticky mess at fine resolutions. I’ll get a pack now and try.

Further if I may ask, if you were to add a lubricant that ‘enhances’ the Durable resin’s slipperiness, would you think a mineral oil is the best choice? SuperLube seems to dissolve the surface of white resin.

Graphite works very well.
You can use a pure graphite pencil to rub on the friction surfaces

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Julian - the graphite suggestion was brilliant my friend. Thank you. I’ve tried it all, and even noticed your posts from '20, asking and exploring about reducing friction. ‘Lubricant’ is always the answer and for all the oils, silicones, etc… graphite from a pencil, (now graphite powder built into the design) was the answer.

Thank you again. Little bits like that are precious.

Durable would probably be a very poor choice here - the material is too soft to retain such a sharp feature like this (and even if it did, I imagine it would functionally be useless and bend all over the place).

I agree. I’m using the Graphite on Black/White/Grey as I need the .025mm thickness. It’s working brilliantly.

The durables, tough 1500 and 2000 are good if you’re building bricks. But precision parts with the durables and toughs are pointless…

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Yes! the original idea of using graphite came at that time from @fantasy2
This is why this forum is really really a gem of Formlabs.
Great people here!

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I don’t know why but looks really painful :sweat_smile:

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