Weird coagulation with model resin and equate 91% alcohol

Has anybody else found that if you wash your model resin in Equate (walmart brand) 91% isp that you will get a really big blob of coagulated something or other at the bottom of the container? I have been prewashing my prints really fast in a bowl with the 91% alcohol to wash off the bulk of the resin before I wash in the formwash with 99% isp and after 1 or 2 prints there is a blob about half of the amount of total isp just laying at the bottom. It is thick enough that I can scoop most of it out in one go. I was wondering if the equate isp has something bad for the prints or something. Any ideas? I am using the model resin V3

Is the bowl exposed to sunlight? If so the IPA is saturated with resin which cured to a gel.

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if the waste IPA is exposed to sunlight then yes, you’ll get what I refer to as “jello-isation”
where the residual waste IPA and resin becomes gelatine-like
its a simple matter of keeping your container in a dark space. maybe an opaque container would solve the issue for you.

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