Wash & Cure Preset Functionality

This was probably mentioned before, but the ability to create (manually) presets for both the Wash and Cure would be super useful. Nothing fancy, doesn’t need to be over USB or anything - an on-screen keyboard (rotate through characters, click, rotate, click, rotate, click…) will do.

Especially for Cure - i find myself going back to my desktop to check if i’ve misremembered the settings for a resin often.


This would be nice. I printed out the cure settings and taped it to my machine. Saves a trip to the computer at least.

Their new recommendations are on a PDF here: https://support.formlabs.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001414464-Form-Cure-Time-and-Temperature-Settings

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Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve got a printout of the optimal cure settings taped atop our Form Cure as well. We’re looking into adding presets for each of our materials, though this might require the user to update Form Cure more frequently as to get access to the most up-to-date profiles.

It would even be helpful if Form wash and Form cure at least rememberd the last settings that were used - surely that’s easy to do?

Has there been any motion on this? I regularly bounce between standard, tough, and rigid resins and having a a per resin type present to select from a list rather than having to set times and temperatures would be handy.


I want to see this feature as well. I have printed and taped the settings to the wall but would be great to have the machine remember the right settings…