Pre Form presets

I use the preform for jewellery, and I have to change the presets to the same ones every time !I add a job, it would be good have ones presets saved as a default.


i agree- preform ought to save the support criteria input based upon RESIN selected… not in the actual file.

even the combination of the resin selected and the print layer height… as folks learn which support settings work best based mostly upon the resin selected and the layer height…

Agreed. There should definitely be user presets available.

As a current work-around save off a .form file with any random model and the custom settings you want. When you want to print with those settings, open the .form file, delete the model, import the new stl, generate support and print.

That’s a good idea.

One workaround that you can use for this is the following. If you open an existing FORM file which has the settings you want, then do “File/New”, and then open an STL file, then I believe you’ll still have the settings from the FORM file.

A presets file would basically be a FORM file with no models in it. We don’t currently support that, but File/New will let you throw the models away.

Thanks for the tip, hadn’t spotted that was an option. However be good to just click on a preset setting and load the new job, anything to cut down on repetition!



Thanks, however be good to just click on a preset setting and load the new job, anything to cut down on repetition. when you work all day designing etc. all the extra clicks add up!



Agreed. Work-arounds shouldn’t be considered permanent solutions. Hopefully Formlabs implements the proper solution of user presets in the near future. Almost all FDM slicers have this functionality