Was the kickstarter campaign only for USA, Canada and EU? Did I miss something?

Hi guys just trying to get things right in my mind. I am a brazilian backer of the form1 kickstarter campaign. I gave a USA address of a friend for delivery. After some months  my printer came to Brazil and was not functioning properly. Contacted the  formlabs support team, followed their instructions but we could not solve the problem. I was oriented to send the printer back to their facilities for refurbishment, which was one of the options they had offered me  in an earlier email:

…_ “1)You can ship the printer back to our facility here in the US and we can fix it for you. However, you will be responsible for the shipping cost but we will cover the repair.”_

To do it propperly I was informed here in Brazil that I should apply for a “temporary export regime for repair” and I did it by the brazilian official post service the equivalent  to the USPS in the States .

And by  the rules of the brazilian post service the return of the object of such process must  be by the USPS and the shipping fees should be payed in the USA. please refer to http://www.correios.com.br/produtosaz/complementos/pdf/Exportacao_Temporaria_Reimportacao.pdf (second paragraph of the third page - sorry, in portuguese)

I informed these rules to the support team, appologyzed for the inconvenience and made it clear that I would pay for any cost in advance and here is what I got:

“We will not be able to send the printer by USPS or directly to Brazil. We can send the replacement to the original address on file (the one in th USA)…”

and “You can also provide an address within the USA, Canada or the EU to send the replacement too.”

I asked them to elaborate on why they are not able to send the printer by USPS or directly to Brazil and I am still waiting for the reply. Really hope this is not taking the wrong way here…