Warping during cure

I am building a rectangle approx 2.75" long 1.75" wide and .5" thick. It has 4 openings in it, also rectangular shape.
Object is solid and built direct to platform with the purpose of being squared and flat bottomed. Using Grey V4. Also tried Grey Pro but it tended to be brittle and more expensive. Curing for 30 min with UV and 60C heat. After the cure one end with lift up ever so slightly, razor blade thickness or less. Then when removed from platform it has a slight rock to it if placed on flat platform. So the one end is lifting up. Maybe curing to fast. I have left them set on build platform overnight. Or maybe forget the heat and just UV, Looking for suggestions or anyone else that has had this problem. Suggestions??

I’ve struggled with this as well. I have resorted to doing the UV cure at room temperature. I usually extend the cure time to compensate as best as possible.

Some will tell you to leave the supports on, but I have found that:

  1. Sometimes extremely difficult to keep the support structure intact while removing from the build platform
  2. Uneven cure around the support structure
  3. Sometimes very hard to clean in the support structure so cured globs of resin remain on the model

sounds like you’re curing it on the platform?

If so, then UV is not getting to the side on the platform, so its surface does not fully cure and the top surface does, shrinking and pulling the curve.

I don’t print on platform because I WANT the piece held up in the air by the supports to enable better overal curing.

secondly- there is a reason why everything from wrenches to to engine blocks that require dimensionally accurate surfaces are still MACHINED on those surfaces.

its because no casting, molding, printing, or welding methods can produce perfect tolerances.

in printing and casting you are asking a liquid to become a solid. when it does that, its density changes and therefore SOME amount of shrinkage and warpage is going to occur.

The Form 2 does pretty good… but if you need surfaces to be seriously flat, perpendicular, parallel or radially symmetrical then print slightly oversize and MACHINE the surfaces to spec.

I am removing from platform, then UV oven. I agree machining would be more exact, but I don’t have that luxury. I do remove the supports prior to curing or inevitably I end up with a hidden drop of resin welding a support to the part. Thanks guys.

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