Volume explosions everywhere but center of build plate!

I am new to the Formlabs machines with the recent purchase of the Form2. My 1st prints where of highly detailed chess pieces. Was successful pretty much out of the box in Black for the 1st 16 pcs and 2 knights in Ceramic. Than everything went wrong. I had numerous failures in the black nothing seemed to work. I stopped and waiting for my order of new resin trays and the white to arrive. My 1st return attempt was with new tray. Complete and total failure with only the raft and some support structure and a lot of debris in the tank. I switched to white with a new tray - nope similar issues but with more part visible. I than tried only a knight in the middle. Success. I did 2 more to be sure. Tried 2 bishops located a center back and center front. 1 had a materials explosion in the raft and delaminated about 3/4 done but was not a complete part as was the other which at least was still attached. I am concerned about the resin not returning after the wiper sweeps before the build platform gets back down. I am waiting on filters to screen my resin tray out prior to any more attempts.

Hey there @tkimball!

I’m sorry to hear you’re having some trouble with your recent prints! That’s definitely not the experience we want folks to have.

If it’s not too much trouble, could you post a screenshot of the intended print that’s giving you issues along with a photo or two of the result? That will make it much easier to lend a hand! It would also be really useful to see how you’re orienting these troublesome pieces. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the information!

I am unable to get you pictures of the end results as the have mostly been disposed of. I have saw a small amount of ragging in my last print but my biggest issue is voids in the part which results in complete loss, separation from the support structure or holes in the part.

I took a good look at the glass optical window tonight an noticed it is not clean on the underside. I can see the anti-glare coating gives off a gold tint and it looks cooked in areas with freckles and discoloured. I also noticed there is a dust on the primary mirror. I have attached photos for you viewing.

The freckles can be seen in the lamp reflection.

I suspect the scattered nature of the light diffusion in this image is from the optical glass.

Here you can see a white flex on the primary.

Can I clean the primary and the under side of the optical glass? My machine is only 4 months old.

I just found this one.

and This looks a lot like my problem except I did successfully print all of the piece on the 1st attempt. I just did an update to the firm and will be filtering my tank tomorrow night.

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