Very low impact durability


So I bought Form2 and make some firsts prints. I use Form Cure after I wash the prints.

I printed a pen (standard black resin), after I drop it with around 1 meter, it crashed like glass. Is it normal? Do you have some solution to make it stronger? (I can’t change design of the part)

btw. I see that are available resins:

  • Tough
  • Durable

What colors they have? Is it possible to order those in black?


The Standard Resins can be fairly brittle and skipping the post-cure step can help to improve their impact resistance. You should check out the Engineering Materials page. Towards the bottom, there’s a graphic that compares multiple mechanical properties including impact strength.

Do you have some information what colors are available are in durable resine?

Each of our Engineering Materials only come in the one pictured color. Durable Resin has a sort of frosted clear finish.

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